Monday, May 17, 2010

Salute American Dad

    Thank goodness only one of Fox's Animation Domination shows ended as last night, as I have too many other finales to cover from last night.  But American Dad went out on a wacky high with "Great Space Roaster".  Roger the alien (voiced by Seth McFarlane, the show's creator) wanted a roast for his birthday, but he took the family's comments too much to heart, vowing revenge.  After several attempts on their life failed, they fled to space, but Roger followed them up there, too, where he tied them up and made them roast each other, only to realize that he actually was part of the family, and he was loved no matter what they said.

     For awhile last year, American Dad surpassed Family Guy in consistent humor, and while the latter has been doing much better, the former has stayed relevant.  What started out as a cheap copy of a popular animated sitcom has found it's own legs in the last couple of years.  The characters have become better defined, and their antics have gotten more side-splitting.

     Total lack of care about others seems to be the hallmark of comedy today.  From shows like Seinfeld and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Dad simply continues a formula that seems to work.  For example, as Roger attacked Francine (Wendy Schaal) and Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane), Stan (also S. McFarlane) got to the escape pod, believing his family a necessary sacrifice to save himself.  This isn't an uncommon scenario on the show, and while the big guy certainly loves his family, they come second to himself.

     Hayley in particular has become a more interesting character, though there weren't any great examples of that last night.  She began the series as a liberal counterpoint to Stan's conservatism, but though out they have learned to get along and care about each other, as much as Stan can care about someone.  He did say she was elected 'gun shield' for the family in last night's episode.  But we have gotten to see that Hayley is an open, warm person, as evidenced by her latest relationship with unexpectedly funny koala-spy Reginald (Erik Durbin).

     American Dad has already been picked up for aanother season, and will return to Fox in the fall.

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