Friday, May 7, 2010

Private Practice doesn't suck anymore!

    Despite a fantastic cast, all of whom had television experience beforehand, and being a spin-off of one of television's most popular dramas, ABC's Private Practice has sucked plenty in the last couple of years.  It just goes to show you that you can never predict which shows will work or not until they happen.  But something great has been happening lately with the Grey's Anatomy companion, and that is good writing and great acting!  Last week's courtroom drama, "War", pitted the cast against each other as Violet (Amy Brenneman) and Peter (Tim Daly) fought for custody of their son was arguably the best episode of the series.

     The trouble, and a hell of a plot arc, started last spring when crazy woman Katie (the superb Amanda Foreman), convinced that Violet's child was hers, cut open the god doctor and kidnapped the child within her.  Katie went to jail and the baby was recovered unharmed.  Violet went through some very dark times, but she's finally starting to recover, and wants to be in her son's life.  Meanwhile, though, she dumped Lucas with Pete, who, trying to get over her, fell into the arms of Addison (Kate Walsh), who can't have a baby of her own.  To make things even more complicated, Addison is fighting feelings for Sam (Taye Diggs), so it's not a perfect match, but as it's her only chance to be a mother, she is reluctant to give it up.  The whole love rectangle is getting pretty complicated.

     In this week's episode, "In the Name of Love", things took an even darker turn at the very end, when Sam and Naomi's (Audra McDonald) daughter, Maya (Geffri Maya Hightower) went into labor, but as involved in a serious car accident on the way to the hospital.  Dell (Chris Lowell) was in the vehicle as well, but seemed to be ok.  This doesn't bode well, as rumors are circulating that one major character will not survive next week's season finale.  Would creator Shonda Rhimes be so cruel as to take the Bennett's pregnant teenager out of this world?  It just doesn't seem right!  Other rumors, however, point to Dell's exit, even though he seemed to walk away from the accident.

     My favorite love triangle currently is between Sheldon (Brian Benben), Cooper (Paul Adelstein), and Charlotte (KaDee Strickland).  I firmly believe, and always have, that Cooper and Charlotte belong together.  However, though it was Charlotte initially who couldn't commit, Cooper has been plenty immature in how he has treated her since their last breakup.  He was on his way to tell her how he felt as this week's episode closed, so hopefully the showdown goes well.  I can't help but feel bad for Sheldon, however, who lost Violet in his previous love triangle with Peter, and I do really want him to find someone and be happy.  He has been a great addition to the cast, and I hope Sheldon will continue to stick around, with or without Charlotte.
     If they keep this up, they could make my Best list soon!

     Private Practice's season finale will air next Thursday at 10pm on ABC.

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