Friday, May 21, 2010

The Office snitch

     What can I say about the season finale of NBC's The Office, "Whistleblower"?  It certainly wasn't as big a deal as The Office's usual season finales.  Instead, it was a mostly understated story about how leaked to the press the problems with their new printers.  Answer?  Pretty much everybody.  Even former boss David Wallace (Andy Buckley in a hilarious cameo).  Though it mostly hurt Andy (Ed Helms).  But since Michael (Steve Carell) decided to take the fall and make the apology to the media, it appears that their boss is going to let it slide.

     And that was what was really going on.  There were some big developments, they just weren't as shocking or dramatically revealed as they had been in the past.  Sabre, the company that bought Dunder-Mifflin a few months ago and added printers to their paper stock, is clearly not going to be around long-term.  Kathy Bates, who plays Sabre owner Jo, has already lined up another television gig.  The printers are catching on fire and ruining the company's reputation.  It all clearly is a set up for a quick Sabre exit.  But whether that will mean a new corporate boss, or a return to the status quo of last year, is up in the air.

     Another big development slipped by, too.  Michael asked Jo to bring back the love of his life, Holly (Amy Ryan), to the Scranton branch, and my guess is that will be one of her last acts as their owner.  The show has long longed to return Holly to Michael's awkward arms, in some fashion.  Whether they will be lucky enough to get Ryan to sign on for a large number of episodes, or whether she just makes a quick appearance, surely the boat will be rocked.  Michael and Holly will have to end up together.

     Other news reports point to Carell planning on making next season his last.  I do believe the show can go on without him, though I doubt it will for long.  In the British version, Michael's counter-part David (Ricky Gervais) was fired about three quarters of the way through, yet continued to hang around the office pretty much every day.  It was sad and pathetic and I don't think that fans will stand for a similar ending to Michael, but he could, and his character likely would, still pop in from time to time, especially when he first leaves.  Does that mean Michael Scott may be making an exit by mid-year?  Perhaps to run off with Holly?

     Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.  Though something tells me that, unlike the British version, should Michael leave, it will be Jim (John Krasinski) left in charge instead of Dwight (Rainn Wilson).  They really are two different shows.

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