Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How I Met Your Mother season finale review

     I apologize for the lack of catchy article title, but the show's lack of originality lately has me a little uninspired.  Don't get me wrong; last night's finale, "Doppelgangers", wasn't bad, though I think the doppelganger plot is pretty dumb.  I just expect something more from a show that used to have me consistently laughing out loud.  Anyway, on to the review of CBS's How I Met Your Mother.

     Robin (Cobie Smulders) had the best plot of the episode.  She has also shown the most growth over the range of the series.  As Ted (Josh Radnor) said to her, five years ago she never would have considered putting romance before her career.  It's sad that when she finally did, though, it backfired.  I am super glad that Ted's hair stopped them from sleeping together, and possibly dating again.  As they leaned in for that kiss, I was yelling "NO!" at the screen.  I loved them as a couple, but this would seriously stop Robin's forward momentum, and put the show back to something they've already done.  Good move, writers.

     While Robin has grown, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) has regressed.  He was finally at the point where he could have a sustainable relationship with Robin, and then they split up.  I understand that he had lost some of what made his character great, but that plays more to the issue of losing oneself, rather than if the pair should be together.  I'm looking forward to a Barney - Robin reunion, on more equal footing this time, with Barney keeping more of what makes him unique.  To the best of my knowledge, a reunion has not been rumored to be forthcoming, but I would be willing to start such rumors, if they would help at all.  In the meantime, let him try to make it work with someone else for more than one evening.

     Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) have decided to have a baby.  Like Barney, I have mixed feelings on this upcoming plot.  Although it has not been revealed when exactly this pregnancy would happen, this will seriously put the show in jeopardy of jumping the shark.  Should be handled correctly, it could be quite humorous, and even possibly be a rejuvenation for the show.  However, based on this past lackluster season, I worry that it seem a desperate attempt to lure viewers back.  I wish they would wait a little before a child actually comes along.  Perhaps they can milk some funny out the couple's failed attempts before going through with it.

     How I Met Your Mother has been renewed, and will return next fall.

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