Monday, November 16, 2009

The Plan for Galactica

     Battlestar Galactica: The Plan came out on DVD October 27th. For fans of the recent four season series, this was a worthy side story. For the first hour and twenty-five minutes or so, it just seemed to fill in some gaps from the miniseries and first two seasons, but the last twenty minutes made the whole thing worth it and really gave the story meaning. In those moments, the viewer will see certain Cylons in a whole new light, and understand even more what their intentions were.

      The made for tv movie, that has not yet aired, stars Dean Stockwell as Brother Cavil. The whole thing really hinges on him, book-ended by the death of two of his models. Not only do we get to finally see what he was doing before he showed up on screen, we actually see a version of him that is a bit sympathetic. I have always maintained that he is the only truly evil character in the show, everyone else falling in some shade of grey. In this, there is the evil Cavil, but there is also one who sees the perspective of human love, and understands what is happening to the other Cylon models. It gives the part new meaning, and really allows Stockwell an opportunity he didn't have in the series.

      Also featured are Ricky Worthy's Simon Cylon and Lymari Nadal as Giana. You may (or more likely may not) remember Giana from the miniseries, played by Edward James Olmos's real-life wife. She gets a meaty story that combines with Simon's. All of the other Cylons also show up, though Diana and Tori only briefly, and Ellen only slightly more. None of the other Galactica characters appear to have shot new footage, but there are scenes from the series mixed in, cut seamlessly together. If I had not watched the series, I would not have realized that they were recycled, so well it is put together. There are also some awesome new special effects, and fans will love to see planet-side action just before the series began.

     All in all, this wasn't earth shattering. It couldn't have been. The series concluded very satisfactorily. And if you haven't ever watched the show, you'll be more than a little lost. But for fans who craved just a little more, this does a fine job of giving you that. Directed by Edward James Olmos, who played Adama, and written by Buffy's Jane Espenson, I recommend that fans of the show add it to their Christmas list.

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