Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson this is it number one

     The Michael Jackson film, This Is It, was number one at the box office this week, and not because it was a well made movie.  It is apparent that had Michael Jackson not passed away so suddenly, this film would never had been.  The picture quality, though great in some parts, was lacking in others.  The King of Pop's singing voice was often weak, though he commented that he was saving his voice, and the times he did allow himself to sing out, he sounded as amazing as ever.  In fact, the man himself appeared fit, ready to perform at any time.  His dancing was impecable, and he showed no hint of fatigue or weakness.  Clearly, he was healthy before his death.  In fact, during a couple of the Jackson 5 song numbers he looked giddy, truly happy.  It was touching.

     While as a film, This Is It had plenty of flaws, it will not dampen fans' enjoyment, nor should it.  The intention seems to be to give people one last chance to see MJ, and to imagine what his sold out concerts this past summer in London would have been like.  At that, it succeeds wonderfully.  Not as put together as a traditional behind the scenes movie, it does convey an emotion and mood of that specific time.  Seeing MJ himself, and the wonderful musicians and dancers that backed him up, they were really cooking up something that would have made headlines anyway, though not in the same way they ultimately did.

     A cynical person may think that this film was made merely to recupe some of the enormous expense that went into a production that never got off the ground, and I'm sure that was a consideration.  However, it is obvious as you watch that Kenny Ortega  (director of the stage production and this movie) truly cared about the man, and he himself put this together for reasons other than economical.  It is a living piece of history, and one any viewer will remember for decades to come.  It is Michael as he has never been seen, and never will be again.

     Bottom line, if you go into this expecting a film, don't bother.  If you go into this expecting Michael, fond memories, and touching moments, you won't be disappointed.

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