Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The League will not fatigue

     FX's newest sitcom is The League, and this one works very well.  While the network does good drama, this is only their second enjoyable sitcom, after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I admit, because of the sports-themed content, and other failed attempts before it, I almost didn't tune in.  I'm glad that I did, because this one earned a season pass to my TiVo immediately.

     The show centers around five guys who play fantasy football.  Well, technically, one of the guy's takes all his advice from his wife, but the guys are who get together.  Their various lives are different enough to be interesting, but not so much that their friendship seems unrealistic.  Yes, they may be in different places, but there's a strong bond there.

     The main thing this show has going for it is the cast, especially Nick Kroll and Stephen Rannazzisi, who recently appeared in funny, failed shows such as Worst Week, Big Day, and Samantha Who?, each funny, though quickly cancelled.  This show certainly proves the adage about when one door closes, another one opens.

     I only caution the show not to step too far into the tasteless pool, which It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is guilty off from time to time.  There's a fine line between hilarious and gross, and the character who had the kid up in the bedroom asking for tips, while his parents believed that there was something sexual going on, toed the line very closely.  It didn't cross it this time, but I hope they rarely do.  Side note, if it's a bit crass, but makes you spit milk out of your nose, like Taco's birthday song almost did, it gets a pass.

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